The VOT2016 and VOT-TIR2016 datasets are available through the VOT toolkit. Download the latest version of the VOT toolkit and select either the VOT2016 or the VOT-TIR2016 challenge. The correct dataset will be automatically downloaded. The sequences of VOT2016 dataset are the same sequences of VOT2015 dataset. However, the GT of VOT2016 is more accurate than the GT of VOT2015 dataset which has an impact on the evaluation. The VOT-TIR2016 dataset was updated with new sequences.

The following gallery gives an overview of the datasets (hover over image to see several snapshots from the sequence, click to view sequence details).

VOT2016 dataset preview

If you want to access the VOT2016 Ground Truth segmentations directly, follow this link.

VOT-TIR2016 dataset preview